Questions For Volunteers/Street Friends Helpers

Items that are always great include: big black garbage bags, pillows, cushions, toiletries – the small ones from hotels are great. Other things such as bandaids, feminine hygiene items, tissues, yoga mats are always welcomed.

Many people experiencing homelessness say their torch is their most valuable possession, so torches and batteries along with things like transistor radios are great comforts. Anything that isn’t an essential, but are comfort things can also be useful, things such as jewellery or notepads and pens.

In summer, Street Friends could always use more:

Light clothing: brimmed hats, caps, t-shirts, singlets, shorts, cargo pants, cotton socks, thongs.
Other summer essentials such as water bottles, light blankets, sunscreen, fly spray.

In winter, Street Friends could always use more:

Warm clothing and bedding: sleeping bags, socks, beanies, underwear, hoodies, warm jackets, gloves, trackies, pants, fleece shirts, trainers, boots, rain jackets,
Other winter essentials include backpacks, towels and emergency ponchos.

As Street Friends has been growing fast, we prefer to have our donations dropped off so our volunteers can spend more time helping those in need. If you wish to drop off donations you can do so by getting in contact with us on Facebook, so we can direct you to where our drop off points are.

All donated goods go DIRECTLY to the cause. The items are stored and sorted and then rolled out if not that week then soon after. If for whatever reason we are given something we cannot re-home directly through us, we will endeavour to sell at our charity stall or donate the item to another charity.

Most of our volunteers either work preparing food, clothing and supplies for the Thursday meet up, or come down on Thursday and hand out said goods. If you have a special set of skills you think you could bring to the cause, we would love to hear from you also. Say you would like to cook or curate or collect, or advocate for our Street Friends, your skills will be well appreciated.

The easiest way to find out if Street Friends is for you is to come down on Thursdays and see what we are all about. Simply notify our volunteers, either through Facebook or getting in contact directly, then come on down, and check us out, and if you are keen, we can surely find something for you.

Limited parking is available on site, next to the Perth YHA, address being Wilson Parking – 306 Wellington St. Perth.

Probably best to let us know on Facebook first and we will promptly get back to you.

The Street Friends environment is a very safe and calm environment, but we do have a security guard and a police officer volunteer on site every Thursday.

You are more than welcome to come down with your family and be part of the community, but we don’t allow persons under 14 to actively volunteer.

Questions For People Experiencing Homlessness/Street Friends

We endeavour to stock a wide selection of foods, some being vegetarian and gluten free. However we cannot guarantee that any one food will be available on any given day as stocks are limited and subject to change. Getting in early is your best chance of obtaining specific items as it is first come first served with most of our products.

The Street Doctor shares our meeting point every Thursday. For anyone with health requirements, or prescription needs and the like, it is recommended they get down early as specialty services are first come first served.

Given enough warning out Street Friends can provide a service in which our volunteers endeavour to clothe and groom you for a special occasion, whatever that may be.

Although specific items cannot be guaranteed, the volunteers at Street Friends are a very dedicated bunch and will endeavour to seek out what it is you need. If it is an item we already often stock but you missed out last week, we suggest coming down earlier to obtain the more popular items that may be harder to obtain later on in the night.